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  • What is gluten? Why should I go gluten-free?

    Gluten is a protein complex found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten’s name comes from the Greek word for glue, and its adhesive, elastic property is the very thing that holds a loaf of bread or bite of cake together. But when that glue hits the intestines, it interferes with the breakdown and absorption of … Continue Reading

  • Preparing Young Bodies for Sports

    Sports are an excellent way to keep kids active and socially connected. It is important to remember a few things to help prepare young athlete’s bodies and protect them from sports-related injuries before they happen. Follow a warm-up routine. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or underweight are both cause for concern. Make sure your … Continue Reading

  • Falls, Bumps, and Bruises

    Fall, bumps and bruises…do they affect my child’s long-term health? Each day patients explain how their neck, knees or low back issues began as a child. Many patients even remember the exact incident…falling from a tree, being hit in football, jumping out of a swing, falling off a bicycle. Can falls, bumps and bruises affect … Continue Reading

  • Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

    Consciously living a wellness lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy is essential for the health of mothers and babies.  Pregnancy is a natural, normal state.  It is by design that women’s bodies conceive, carry a baby and give birth.  The incredible adaptive capacity of the human body is most evident during pregnancy.  The physiological changes … Continue Reading

  • Detox Goals

    Getting started is often the biggest obstacle. Try these tips to get you started and keep you going to be the best version of yourself. Become Goal-Oriented Have a goal. Set goals. Write your goals down. Place them in a place where you can read them throughout the day. Everything is in motion; nothing stands … Continue Reading

  • Natural Immunity

    The symptoms of a cold or flu are our body’s natural response to eliminate the germ. By allowing our bodies to express symptoms naturally, we exercise and strengthen our immune system so it can fight off the other multitude of germs we are exposed to everyday. We need a strong immune system! Germs are smart. … Continue Reading

  • Why is consuming fruits and vegetables essential to a healthy immune system?

    Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as some lesser known but equally as important nutrients. Chlorophyll Chlorophyll is one of the most powerful wound-healers and blood-builders known. Chlorophyll is found most abundantly in dark green vegetables. Dark green vegetables are also higher in bioavailable calcium than dairy products. Indoles Indoles are … Continue Reading

  • Spring is here! So are allergies.

    Unfortunately for many, springtime means allergy time. When exposed to an allergen, the body triggers the immune system to go into action. The immune system releases histamine that attaches to receptors in blood vessels causing them to enlarge. Histamine binds receptors causing redness, swelling and itching. Over-the-counter allergy medications are focused only on relieving the … Continue Reading

  • New Year’s Resolutions: Stock your Fridge

    Many New Year’s resolutions include diets, eating healthy, or losing weight. Instead of wasting money on fad diets that are ineffective and even dangerous in some cases, use these tips to swap out unhealthy foods in your refrigerator and freezer for more healthy options to make lasting changes. Eliminate high-calorie sauces like barbeque sauce, ranch … Continue Reading