The Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic’s purpose is to remove interferences to the natural healing power that runs through the body. When that power is released, the body is able to heal itself and express it’s full health potential. Chiropractic removes stress to the spinal nervous system. Stress to the spinal nervous system interferes with the proper functioning of the nervous system, weakens internal organs and organ systems, reduces healing potential, and sets the stage for sickness and disease. Spinal nerve stress, also called a vertebral subluxation, is a misalignment or distortion of the spinal column, skull, hips, and related tissues that irritate, stretch, impinge or otherwise interfere with the proper function of the nervous system. Since the nervous system controls every function of the body, any interference can have detrimental effects. Spinal nerve stress is caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

Through chiropractic adjustments the stress to the nervous system is removed and the immune system is able to naturally function more efficiently thus increasing resistance to disease and allowing the body to heal itself.  Children and adults can respond to internal and external environmental stresses such as germs, changes in temperature, humidity, toxins, pollen, and other stressors more efficiently when their nervous systems are functioning optimally. Achieving a state of true health and not just masking symptoms can be achieved by removing the interference to the nervous system through spinal adjustments.

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