Falls, Bumps, and Bruises

Fall, bumps and bruises…do they affect my child’s long-term health?

Each day patients explain how their neck, knees or low back issues began as a child. Many patients even remember the exact incident…falling from a tree, being hit in football, jumping out of a swing, falling off a bicycle.

Can falls, bumps and bruises affect my child’s long term health? The answer is YES! Most misalignments in the spine occur before the age of 11 and get worse with time if untreated. Childhood injuries begin when children learn to walk, fall on their bottoms, learn to ride a bicycle and during their daily play. Injuries in children are very common. Chiropractors across the world help thousand of children each day with gentle, natural care.

How do these falls affect my child’s long-term health? Falls can lead to long-term changes such as curvature of the spine and arthritis. In addition, misalignments can affect the delicate nerves that control all the functions of the body, including muscle control, skin sensation, digestion, respiration and all other organ functions. Chiropractors refer to these misalignments as subluxations.

How can I improve my child’s overall health and performance? Regular chiropractic check-ups allow for correction of misalignments of the spine when they occur.

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow to be strong, healthy, happy adults. Regular chiropractic care allows for corrections of spinal subluxations. Subluxations can deprive your child of their full health potential. Give them every opportunity to be straight, strong, healthy and happy.

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