New Year’s Resolutions: Stock your Fridge

Many New Year’s resolutions include diets, eating healthy, or losing weight. Instead of wasting money on fad diets that are ineffective and even dangerous in some cases, use these tips to swap out unhealthy foods in your refrigerator and freezer for more healthy options to make lasting changes.

  1. Eliminate high-calorie sauces like barbeque sauce, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, cheesy sauces, and dips. Replace them with condiments like chili sauce, vinegars, fresh salsa, and seasoning blends.
  2. Swap out soda for organic teas and water. When choosing bottled teas, make sure to choose options that contain no artificial sweeteners and for the most healthy option, teas that contain no added sweeteners. Water is always the healthiest option when choosing a beverage and drinking the appropriate amount for your body weight is essential to help your body function optimally and to aid in any weight loss plan. An easy way to determine how much water to drink is to take your weight and divide it by 2. The resulting number is how many ounces you should consume each day. Try adding natural flavor to water with fresh cucumber, mint or a slice of lemon, orange or cherries.
  3. Trash those frozen meals in your freezer. Even so-called “healthy” frozen meals are full of artificial and processed ingredients and in most cases loaded with sodium. All of these things prohibit weight loss and wreak havoc on your body. Try making homemade meals once a week or month and freezing them in individual portions for a quick, healthy meal when needed.
  4. Substitute full-fat frozen treats with whole-fruit sorbets or make your own frozen treats by freezing handfuls of fruit. You can even add an ounce of melted dark chocolate before freezing.

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